Creative Wordshops Ongoing Activities April 2020

The Virus tornado whirls whipping up panic, ghosts, fear, isolation, change
and uncertainly. At such a time you can turn social distancing into self nearing and nurturing
What better time to journal or join a solo or group online
12% discount on all courses
so that words can place and hold you in the eye of the storm?
from 27 March (Lockdown Day) till 23 April (Shakespeare’s deathday and now World Book Day)

Why not join and encourage friends to join too so that you create your own
community to exchange your stories and so record a remarkable time.
For this too will pass

A 16 week self-directed Online Journaling Course
Your course is invaluable…thank you for the inspiration and spontaneity you sow into the word around you. (Y O)

Writers all… I have created an online journal course with the help of an online ‘guru.’ Our guiding metaphor is the rough road we travel along on the writing path. I prompt via stories, questions, quotations, poems, memories and suggestions. These are drawn from many traditions and faiths. Helping you find your voice. As you walk you enter a great conversation with yourself … and others. Why the rough road? It’s writing that has not been crafted or edited. Spontaneous.
Rough as in rough days. Some of the 16 units are: Retraining the Eye…
Many Selves…Dreaming…The Fire that warms you Five Times…Living the Questions Now…

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