Creative Wordshops Writing Newsletter August 2020

Dear seeker of words and images

Whoever is innerly silent touches the roots of speech (Rilke)

A recent dream offered this month’s theme. Two teams engage in a debate. The first sprouts forth, articulating wisdom and insight, adding irrefutable argument and reference. Brilliantly structured and delivered. Now is the turn of the other team. This team chooses to respond in silence for the length allowed – some 40 minutes. Despite provocation, jeering, hurled questions, they hold the silence.

In waking, in lucid dreaming I add for the silent team, four images they project onto a screen. The Buddha holding up a flower in his silent flower sermon. The Rilke quote prefacing this letter. Rumi. ‘Where the lips are silent, the heart knows a thousand ways to speak.’ And Jung on solitude.

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