Creative Wordshops Whats on September 2020

Zoom meet and teach – mini wordshops

Hi Dorian, am already addicted to your zingy zoom and would like to join you for the next ‘word chops’…and find strength and joy
in the river of your unfolding. (Silja)

Folks connect, enjoy the company and experience, and in no time are writing away. Cost: R320 per wordshop of 3+ hours 09.30 -12.45 SA time
I create a space that is safe, supportive and encouraging
Please email me if you want to be part of this experience. I’ll explain how to prepare for the session and send you the zoom link to click on.
Beginner writers welcome. We re-experience beginner’s mind. No pressure to share. You can be a silent listener if you are more comfortable with that.

Here are 2 retreat/wordshop offerings

1.Families Ancestors and your story
Sun 13 Sept 2020 09.30 – 12.40ish R320 pp (12 max)
Our stories are gifts we give each other and gifts we leave behind us. For one day we too will be ancestors. In this wordshop we tell and write our stories and place them next to those of our family, immediate, extended and chosen. The idea of family can include not only blood but our spiritual tradition, culture and the line of those who share our passions.

2. Buddhist Retreat Centre, Ixopo
bookings 039 834 1863

2a. Between First In-breath and Last Out-breath: The Art of Story-telling
Fri 25- Sun 27 September 2020
Ever since I heard my first love story I have been looking for you (Rumi)
Who is the who that Rumi alludes to? There is something deeply fictional about us human beings. We are the stories we tell about ourselves. Rediscover the lost art of story-telling. Experience the joy, presence, mindfulness and transformation that arrive when we engage with a tale, learn how to craft it and inhabit it. We begin to see our lives as a story, keeping pace with the rhythm of our hearts, balanced between the in and the out of our breathing. Be enchanted by Zen and other tales from many paths.

2b. The Poet Hiding Inside: How to live and write poetry Sun 20 –Tues 22 September 2020 I believe that poetry is a primal impulse within us all. …we are all capable of it … a small, often ignored corner of us yearns to try it (Stephen Fry) Do you love reading poetry? Do you yearn to write poems? Poetry is a way of paying attention, listening, being in the moment and observing the world. We enter the world of images, rhythm, sound and subtle rhyme. We open to our creativity and imagination. As we cultivate a sense of belonging, our words offers us relationship, presence and healing. We can all live poetically and find the words that balance voice and silence. Together we shine light into ignored corners and engage with the craft that calls us.

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