Creative Wordshops Whats On August 2021

1.Zoom Wordshop
Driving through Rough Writing Country in your Metaphor by 4
On how we can create images in our writing and what happens when we do
Sun 25 July and Sun 15 Aug 15.00 – 17.45ish R320 pp (R600 both) (12 max)
I love metaphor. It provides two loaves where there seems to be one.

Sometimes it throws in a load of fish. (Bernard Malamud)

These zoom sessions consider how we can enliven and enrich our writing though imagery and imagination. Metaphors are everywhere, open to the eyes that seek them. Especially in nature. Stories are extended metaphors too.

Playing with metaphor is an opportunity to become curious again, free fall with words, and ignite creativity (LIzbe Vos, therapist)

This wordshop is for those who wish to: find their voice open to their creativity and imagination be entranced by the energy of words
learn, practice and enjoy the craft of writing Folks respond positively to these zoom wordshops. They connect, enjoy the company and experience and in no time are writing away. Happily.

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