Creative Writing Newsletter May 2023

Pat Grayson invites you to a launch
1.Pringle Bay Sat 6 May @ Menucha 16.00-17.30
2.Somerset West Fri 12 May @ The Playhouse 15.00- 16.30
3.Zoom Sun 21 May 12.00-13.00 SA time
wine and snacks (not on Zoom alas)
RSVP Dorian 27 82 873 6802

The Anatomy of a Story
This letter arrives fresh from a ZenPen retreat at Temenos in McGregor
with its Garden of the Beloved. Participants created a 7 bead bracelet, each
bead representing a stage in the writing process. Each begins with the
letter R. (adapted from Henriette Klauser, a writing teacher’s 5 R’s.) I
thought to go for 7.
People often ask where I get stories so I’m sharing my approach – the way a
story builds in the hope that this might clarify your story process. Creating
then Crafting. Here is the story that arrived via these seven beads:

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