Creative Writing Wordshops November 2023

Igno van Niekerk and Tina Konstant (story mates)
kindly recorded the zoom launch. Here tis.
Dear writer, storyteller, reader, lover of words,
images, silences…

Thank you for those who have subscribed to the
monthly letter (R240 per annum) I cherish your
support. You can still do so if you wish. The letter
remains open to all.
Why do you live on the bank of the river?’ ‘Because a
poem is a revelation, and it is by the brink of running
water that poetry is revealed to the mind.’
(The Salmon of Knowledge)

Sure they called it Ireland
I wonder what Ireland conjours for you? The country has been in the news,
given the 2023 Rugby World Cup. While I share no blood ties, as it does for
many, Ireland inhabits my psyche and imagination. This month John Gnodde, singer and song writer and I offered a late Sunday sundowner in Pringle Bay.
John’s repertoire included Rare old Times, Molly Malone, Carrickfergus,
Maggie, Wild Rover, Parting Glass and Danny Boy. (a police officer Charlie
MCKenna said ‘Danny Boy to be sung at my funeral mass. If not I’ll get up
and walk out.’)
I interlaced the lyrics with poetry, myth, (Finn McCool and the Salmon of
Knowledge) and excepts from novels. We both sprinkled in the odd classic
Irish mirth. I included stanzas from the Irish greats. (Do yourself a favour
and look up the poems, whole and entire unto themselves)

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