Creative Writing Newsletter March 2020

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Dear seeker of word and images

World Concern, Social Distancing and Space The One Who Is at Play Everywhere says, There is a space in the heart where everything meets. Come here if you want to find me. Mind, senses, soul, eternity – all are here. Are you here? Enter the bowl of vastness that is the heart. Listen to the song that is always resonating. Give yourself to it with total abandon. (Radiance Sutras +-800 A.D) This month I’ve been thinking about how the current time asks me to look anew with awareness at the 21 day Lockdown and the space it opens up. Social distancing can bring self-nearing, self-nurturing while placing us in an inclusive cosmos. There are hidden Alibaba doorways into such treasure space. Open sesame insights through writing, journaling, story-telling, Fairy tales, photography and and…. And sitting quietly in our breath and bloodbath.

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Alice Walker (The Color Purple) at eight lost the sight of one eye in a
shooting accident. Her three-year old daughter, Rebecca, enjoyed a TV
program Big Blue Marble. ‘It begins with a picture of the earth as it appears
from the moon. It is bluish… battered-looking, but full of light, with whitish
clouds swirling around’. One day she observed ‘Mommy, there’s a world in
your eye.’ How do we gaze into space and take the world into our eye?
Here’s Alice Walker on meditation:

To my surprise…I felt myself drop into a completely different internal
space. A space filled with the purest quiet, the most radiant
peacefulness. I started to giggle and then to laugh…. meditation took
me right back to my favorite place in childhood: gazing out into the
landscape, merging with it and disappearing.

At a recent retreat, participants chose pictures. One person, in response to her picture of a narrow steeple stretching into a blue sky,
mentioned how focusing on blue sky was her way of meditating. The steeple then could symbolise the person sitting upright in this space.

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