Creative Wordshops Newsletter July 2020

Dear seeker of words and images

The first task is re-storying the adult…to restore the imagination to its primary place in consciousness in each of us regardless of age…. My interest in story is as something lived in and lived through, a way in which the soul finds its life.
(James Hillman)

It’s Dori lettertime (sent via mailchimp). What does it mean to live your life as if it were a story? This month’s theme. Why do stories hum with energy? We respond to stories because we are walking talking stories, our lives immersed in fiction. We spend our years as a tale that is told. (Psalm 90: 9)

Read this text from the Upanishad. When we inhabit our story we become both birds – one passionately eats the fruit, the other watches, witnesses , not with judgement but with compassion. The paradox is that the more I watch my life, the more I am involved in the moment.

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