Creative Wordshops Newsletter January 2021

Dear seeker of words and images

A word is dead when it is said, some say.
I say it just begins to live that day. (Emily Dickinson)

Losing and Finding Words
Words. What are all these slippery symbols? Strung together with gaps between them to create meaning and nuance? To elevate and deprecate? Inspire and insult? Soothe and disturb? Enough words have been written about words to encircle the galaxies. So as we approach another year, this letter offers a minuscule reflection on losing and finding words in one language of the many tongues – English with its vast vocab.
What happens when we begin to lose a world of words? Lose a language with its nuanced imagination? Through ageing, shifts in the culture, stripping significance as we rush into a future? “Words strain, crack and sometimes break, under the burden, under the tension, slip, slide, perish, decay with imprecision, will not stay in place, will not stay still.” (TS Eliot)

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