Creative Wordshops Whats on February 2021

  1. Babushka Dolls and you inside You: Zoom(erang) Writing Wordshop
    Zoomerang? We hurl our words across oceans. They return to us with images
    hidden in the curve – like a boomerang.
    Sun 24 Jan 2021 SAST 15.00 – 18.00. USA east coast 08.00 -11.00 (14 max)
    What can these peasant crones [ teach
    us? Russian Babushka (crone) wooden dolls
    (stacking or nesting dolls), are rich in symbolism.
    They offer us wisdom about living and writing.
    Babushka has inspired other sets of dolls. e.g.
    Inside a Pushkin (writer of Russian fairy tales, love
    stories and ballads) nesting doll are other authors
  • Tolsoy Gogol Turgenyev. The dolls connect us
    like the do-ray-me-far music scale to inner and outer harmonies as we
    unpack the different layers in our story.
    Payment: $50 (Payment secures place)
    for UK and European folk the equivalent US$ rate in your currency
    pay via PayPal through my email ref: your name
    For SA participants (R360)

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