Creative Wordshops Newsletter April 2021

Dear seeker of words and images
Where shall I write?
You can read in the space of a coffin, you can write in the space of a toolshed.
(Annie Dillard)
Lorianne’s bamboo writing desk, seen in a recent
Emoyeni Zen Pen retreat.
(Part of this letter gleaned from The Writer’s
Voice.) In mid 1994 I visited friends in an English
village. Rebecca pointed out of her back window. ‘Do
you see that shack?” A small outbuilding. “That is
where Roald Dahl wrote.”
So I went to take a look. The single room left as he
had used it in his life time. An armchair and a green
board that Roald Dahl fitted over the chair. Pencil
rubbings still on the green board.

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