Creative Writing Wordshops Newsletter March 2024

Rachel Naomi Remen This month, I wish to celebrate Remen (86 this Feb) a pediatrician, wounded healer (she has lived with Crohn’s disease for some 70 years) and teacher of integrative medicine. She breathes and lives the tradition of medicine people, such as William Carlos Williams, who are also sages, writers, poets, storytellers. Through her story-telling in My Grandfather’s Blessings and Kitchen Table Wisdom -Stories that Heal, this giantess has influenced my living breathing telling (treat yourself to her You tube videos on story.)

In Getting Real, Renen tells of a client, Clare, waiting for five years after a mastectomy for a breast reconstruction. After many lovers, before what had happened to her body, she now had chosen celibacy. When she met an artist Peter, she was apprehensive about sharing her scars with him.

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