Mentoring 2024

Need a Writing/Storytelling/Journey Mentor?

“You make me sound like myself.” (numerous clients)

Apart from wordshops, I offer writers a one-on-one mentoring service. Mentoring involves finding out where you want to go with your writing/story telling/work/life and encouraging you get there. I respond via questions and suggestions. Helping you find your voice. Together we enter a great conversation. Like a pair of shoes we walk this road together. Step by step. Ascending the path. Taking in the view. Looking at alternative routes.

Who knows where this will lead?
Much of my response is based on The Writer’s Voice: A Workbook for Writers in Africa. (Zebra Press 1998.) (Out of print but I have copies at R250) I’m interested primarily in the joy of creating and crafting and hold a deep belief in our potential. I can’t teach you how to write/tell stories but will encourage you to teach yourself. How to invoke your creativity and imagination and be at home with words. How to enter a space where the writing ‘arrives.’ How to be present.

I do not publish writing nor do I find a publisher. What I can offer is to try to make the work publishable. (If that is where you want to go.) A key question: how can the writing involve the reader as a creative participant? If you wish we can also use the writing process as a way of exploring new possibilities and potential or deal with personal/professional issues.
I’ll give your writing my energy and attention. I usually send a written response which includes a general commentary and specific comments within the text itself. Additional feedback can be via email (track changes in word), phone, skype or personal contact.

There are five options: (Prices valid 2022) Foreign rates negotiable Bank details below

A: up to 9 hours = R 495 per hour
B: a 10 hour package = R 480 per hour x 10 = R 4 800 (2 instalments at 0 + 5 hrs)
C: a 20 hour package = R 440 per hour x 20 = R 8 800 (2 instalments at 0 + 10 hrs)
D: a 30 hour package = R 400 per hour x 30 = R12 000 (3 instalments at 0 ,10 + 20 hrs)
E: a 40 hour package = R 370 per hour x 30 = R14 800 (3 instalments at 0 ,13 + 27 hrs)

REFUND POLICY: No refunds for unused time. Rather spread out payment… and the time.

Writing projects I mentored during 2000-21 involved autobiography, personal odyssey, short stories, novels, spiritual quests, research, business ideas, motivation, depression, healing, a book on dying, an academic thesis, life coaching, a film script, family history, poetry, and an encounter with the wild.

Every creative writer should work with Dorian. Like Pilates for creative spirits, he re-awakens the story loving child within. (Tess Fairweather

I experience your teaching gifts to lie, above all, in your ability to draw out the best in me, in few corrections/suggestions/words. (Krystyna Smith)

I was excited. After having struggled for 10 years with little support in writing, finding a ‘writing mentor’ whom I could trust was so motivating and such a relief. (Ruth Tearle)

Bank: Dr R D Haarhoff Standard Bank curr acc 0828 59 248 Helderberg Branch 033 012